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As there was some time left after my unfortunate visit to the border, I decide to make a short visit to the railway crossing anyway. I knew I had to be very careful not be noticed by cameras or border guards. A second confrontation with them could bring me in serious trouble, I guess.

Yellow marker
The small road going north to the border crossing on road 5235 had some farmer roads in the direction of the border. I took one of these roads and there I saw the little yellow piles that indicated the start of the yellow zone. In Lihuanian it says: "Valstybes sienos apsaugos zona" which means in English: "State border protection zone".
Yellow marker
Another picture of the same marker. On the background again the border, at the end of the fields where the wood starts.
Border crossing D124/N3333
A small border crossing without (freight) traffic. I wonder why there is so low traffic here, it seems that crossing here takes much less time than taking the big border.
From here it's only about 400 meters to the railway crossing. I parked my car on a small path in the woods (so the border guard couldn't notice it) and took a small path -marked with a yellow pile!- that lead to the tracks.
Border stones 1104
The path approached the fence rather close. It was easy to see the stones 1104, but it was difficult to avoid the cameras. So I had to keep any distance from the fence. An advantage here again was the wood, so I couldn't be noticed that soon.
Belarus border stone 1105
I had to take this picture from quite a distance. The rail crossing has no fence. That makes it weak, and it's only guarded by cameras. So I had to be very careful.
Cameras everywhere
Near the rail crossing many cameras in all directions. It was again not easy to avoid them.
Guard house
Here the narrow road through the wood ends. There is a small guard house. The meaning of it is not clear to me. Fortunately no one was in there.
At the right you see the tracks and again a camera. For me a no-go zone!
It looks like there's alittle bridge on the border.
On the left you see LT-1105 on this side of the tracks,
on the right you see BY-1106 on the other side of the tracks.
Border stones 1105 and 1106
I went back into the woods, away from the cameras. Of course there is a fence along the railway line as well. A Lithuanian railway-colleague told me this fence already starts in Kena, the last railway station before the border.
From that fence I had a bit of a view over the border and the borderstones.
From right to left:
BY-1105 on this side of the tracks;
LT-1105 on this side of the tracs;
BY-1106 on the other side of the tracks;
LT-1106 on the other side of the tracs;
On this cropped picture you can't recognize the number, but I verified the numbers on the original picture.
Close up border stones BY-1106 and LT-1105 through the leaves
As there is no train signalling here neither catanary I wonder what the electric mast is doing here.
Could have something to do with the cameras.

Here the first story ends. My next visit to Vilnius will be and of august 2014.
I hope to some more of this fascinating border!
And I hope to meet Jan Krogh, who lives in Vilnius for 23 years already.

Next update: September 2014.

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